Seamless at Scale

Project Agostino Group car park facade  |  Design Tectvs  |  Location Adelaide, Australia  |  Photography Iain Bond  |  Mesh Colour Steel


This multi-storey car park for Commercial & General was clad using only eight individual screens — the biggest being a seamless piece 58 metres wide x 16 metres high.


Inspired by an old leather couch the architect’s unique concept called for button-like disks to be pulled back into the Kaynemaile-Armour mesh. To get the design right, the concept was prototyped at scale, making sure it could be successfully realised and installed within the fast installation schedule.

The buttons create significant depth in the screens, giving dynamic colour and shadow changes as the light moves from day to night across the building’s faces.

With install speed in mind, the fixing systems were designed to allow these large screens to be lifted and fixed off in a day, significantly reducing road closures and disruptions to the surrounding neighborhood.

As well as great airflow characteristics Kaynemaile-Armour’s solar reduction properties mean these large screens provide up to 70 percent reduction in solar gain, reducing heat transfer into the building significantly.


Product System Used

Exterior Kaynemaile-Armour™ 

Multiple solutions for exterior environments—facade cladding, rain and wind screening and solar shading.


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