Airflow and efficiency for Loma Linda University parking garage

Location San Bernardino, CA, USA  |  Installation Weiss Sheet Metal Company  |  Mesh Colour Steel & Custom Flat White


Solar management and enhanced air flow through beautiful louver-like strips


Built for hospital patients and visitors as part of the extensive campus project, the brief for this car park called for a visually captivating design with material efficiencies. San Bernardino’s hot, dry summers meant airflow was a critical requirement. With a fast install time and simple fixing details Kaynemaile-Armour exceeded the project requirements — providing enhanced air flow through beautiful louver-like strips.

One of the unique properties of Kaynemaile-Armour is its solar reduction. By protecting the building from direct sunlight and not restricting the cooling effects of air movement, Kaynemaile-Armour significantly reduces the total energy costs required to cool a building in hot climates.

The three-dimensional mesh structure means a high proportion of the mesh surface area is always in shade, giving a cooling effect as the air passes through the cross-sectional open area. It significantly reduces both radiant and thermal conductive heat from entering the building envelope by up to 70%. Unlike steel mesh products which act as conductive energy stores, Kaynemaile-Armour mesh remains at a near ambient temperature protecting the building from heat conduction.


Product System Used

Exterior Kaynemaile-Armour

Multiple solutions for exterior environments—facade cladding, rain and wind screening and solar shading.


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